Interview with Dennis AuBuchon

What genre do you write and why?
The genre I write is non=fiction. I enjoy researching various topics to find out more about a subject even if I have some experience with the topic. It always seems to amaze me even though I know about a topic I always seem to find out more that surprises me in many instances.
Tell us a bit about your latest book.
My current book is titled Integrity Do You Have It 2nd editon. It defines integrity and discusses the characteristics. It creates a common set of criteria to measure others and us. These criteria are then applied to various segments of society such as the news, education and politics. It brings the subject of integrity down to the individual level through a chapter on personal integrity.
Who are you published with?
Infinity Publishing. They have been great and I am happy I chose them to publish my book. They have done everything thing I have asked them to do with a quick response.

What are your upcoming projects.
I am currently working on creating a complete list of public libraries by state to be a part of my web site. I currently have at least one page per state but many are not complete. I am in the process of creating the pages needed for each state to have a complete list on my web site.
I am also working on providing links to family friendly author web sites through my author web site pages on my site. Authors are listed under the beginning letter of their last name. I have recently added over 60 at this time. The list is being drawn from my friends from various networking sites and will probably be an ongoing project as I learn about others.
I am currently working on my next book on auditing and involves both public and governmental requirements on auditing. I hope to have an electronic version available for sale through my web site by the end of September 2009 if not before.
Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
I have a web site There is information about me and links to my articles. People can also search in the search engines under my name and find out what I am doing and have been involved with including many networking sites. There are links to several other interviews I have had.


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